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About Us

Site “Booking Travel”
“It is a marketing tool for the entity chief economist featuring a unique collection of Egyptian companies working in the field of tourism and aviation, and in many walks of business and investment, is a pioneer entity in the field of tourism and aviation Egyptian and international real expertise spanning more than 25 years to along with many business partners in many Arab and European countries, the elements of this entity and multiple capabilities enable us to provide all tourist services in a professional and done by specialized our companies.

“To facilitate communication with our customers Distinguished Egyptians and Arabs, our branches scattered most of the tourist cities to serve our valued customers: – Cairo – Luxor – Aswan – Hurghada – Nuweiba – Dahab, our company staff well-trained and has a long experience in tourism, aviation, the industry organizing exhibitions, conferences and strive hard and we are keen to provide first-class services and recognition of respect to our valued customers as their satisfaction is our goal and make them happy is the ultimate success.